Why Is There So Much Distress In The World?

Reflections on Psalm 10

What sort of grand plan does God have that has not been revealed to us?

Every day is full of wonder and beauty; yet for everything and every event that produces joy, there is a counter.   For instance: the beauty of the mountains vs. the ugliness of a landfill; the touching kindness of volunteers and altruists vs. the cruelty of dictators and criminals; the ecstasy achieved in athletics vs. the devastation of disease.

In Psalm 10, the psalmist focuses on the evil that men do and asks why God does not intervene. Not only that, the psalmist notes that evil men appear to be experiencing victory at the expense of the poor.

The NKJV study bible contains a comment on Psalm 10:1, the first line: “Why do you stand afar off, O Lord”. The note states that “these are classic words of lament or morning”. Indeed, this is a classic question.

Why does God allow such suffering as we see in the world?

What is His plan?