Genesis 15

Genesis 15

Abrahamic covenant:

First, there was the promise of land (Genesis 12:1). When God called Abram, he was living in Ur of the Chaldeans, and God told him to move to another land that God would show him. That land turned out to be Canaan (Genesis 12:6-7), but it would be several more generations before Israel took full possession of that land (Joshua 22:1-6). 

Second, there was the promise of descendants as numerous as the sand on the seashore, or the stars in the sky, who would bless the whole earth (Genesis 22:17-18). God told Abraham that his descendants would become a great nation, with mighty kings (Genesis 17:6). 

Third, there was the promise that God would bring blessing and redemption to all people through Abraham’s people. God made this promise again to Isaac (Genesis 21:1226:3-4) and again to Jacob (Genesis 28:14-15). Despite the sins in the lives of all three patriarchs, God’s unconditional promise stands. Since he was the only participant in the covenant, there is no way for the actions of any human to make the promise null and void.


This passage sent me traveling down an internet wormhole researching Covenant Theology vs. Dispensationalism.

There are a couple other notable parts of the covenant. God promised that Abram’s descendants would be in slavery for 400 years. 400 YEARS!! God promised that after the slavery, the descendants would emerge with great riches. I mean, who can comprehend this time frame and the rewards?

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