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Crypto Keys

This is a simple keyboard app that makes it easy to insert popular cryptocurrency symbols, fiat currency symbols, numbers and punctuation. Crypto Keys allows you to insert symbols into web pages, text messages, emails, apps, etc. Crypto Keys will never save or transmit your keystrokes – see the privacy policy.

Crypto Keys
Crytpo Keys – Bitcoin Baby!



StarRunners recorded and saved your runs and various displayed various stats related to your exercise. The app also features a music player, suggested popular routes (this was crowdsourced, so results varied by region), short voice updates on your pace, and Health Kit integration.

star runners app icon
StarRunners App Icon



QuickCalories was a simple calorie tracking app. The app stored calorie and macronutrient information and also featured a Today extension for easy access.

quick calories app icon
QuickCalories app icon



The StarDesign app featured drawing on various colored backgrounds or images selected from the photos on your iPhone. These projects could then be shared via email, social media, etc..

StarDesign App Icon
StarDesign was a drawing app.